Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grade Level History Day Winners

Congratulations to this year’s grade level fair winners!

These winners will be advancing to the school fair on April 15! The winners are not in any particular order!

Congratulations to ALL students whose work was represented in the fair today!

8th Grade Winners

Individual Exhibits
Ben “Werner Von Braun”
LauraJean “Joseph Smith”
Dominick “Thurgood Marshall”
Trevor “Jackie Robinson”
Xavier “Ghengis Khan”
Aaron “Leon Trotsky”

Honorable Mention: Alexus “Martha Graham” and Lawrence “Dorie Miller”

Group Exhibits
Carlye and Terrisha “Jackie Kennedy”
Teresa , Stephen, Kevon “Jane Addams”
Paris, Janay, Markell “Ernie Davis”
Tyquia, Johvonna and Briana “Dr. Mae Jamison”

Individual Performance
Maddie “Taps”
Daley “John Muir”

Individual Documentary
Amber “Duke Ellington”
Kelsea “Nellie Bly”
Liz “Jim Jones”

Individual Paper
Katie “Machiavelli”

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lincoln Logs Blog

During spring break, eighteen 8th graders and two 10th graders will be taking a road trip with STAMPS to the Land of Lincoln! You can follow our adventures on our Lincoln Logs website which will be updated daily! Our adventure starts Saturday, March 21 and concludes on Saturday, March 28! Travel along with us to learn about Lincoln and celebrate his bicentennial!

History [Day] In the Making

Students spent Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday morning at school with Ms. Trenkle, the computers, the paper cutters, their primary sources and their boards to get their History Day projects completed!

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Road Trip to Hampton NHS

By: Francesca
aka Fran Fran Fierce

Today the Stuart-Hobson Middle School Stamps group took a trip to Hampton. My favorite part was presenting and then answering questions from the audience and then meeting all the people, and my least favorite part was nothing. We also took a tour of the Hampton National Historic Site and learn about the facts of the building and learn how long the building was there and what it was used for, but my overall view of the trip was amazing I had so much fun that I cant stop talking about it.

by Daley

Hi it’s Daley, and I want to share with you, our devoted blog readers, the time we spent on Wednesday. At 9 o’clock we left Stuart Hobson, and got back to school around 5 – 5:30. We started out our day at the slave quarters and land owners home. We gave our presentation and were asked questions by all the other park service people. The park rangers told us about the park the represented, and why we should go and visit it. Then we went to the mansion on top of the hill and had an all around tour. 15 kids went in for the first tour while the other 6 or seven of us started with the gardens. Ok, ok so it was just a big grass lawn, but the was a 33 foot deep well that they used to fill with ice from the ponds. While we were getting our 2 stamps I met a spider and named him Hammy – short for Hampton. =)!!!! On the inside we learned about the evolution of toilets and other more important information about the house. All in all it was a great day and the perfect excuse to spend more time with our fabulous park service friends Mrs. Jen and Mrs. Bethany especially.

Ta – Ta – For – Now

By Liz and Kelsea

The Hampton trip was great. We met lots of park rangers who wanted us to do STAMPS at their parks. We would love to… but you gotta pay! ☺ (just joking) it was so fun, and we had a great experience.

Liz and Kelsea are two fabulous eighth grade STAMPers who love iPhoto.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NHD DC Tshirt Design Chosen

Daley is the winner of the design contest! Congratulations! Her winning design was closely followed by Kelsea's and Raina's outstanding designs. Stay tuned to see the winning design and the see the color of the winning tshirt!