Tuesday, May 26, 2009

John Brown's Body

by Niiya

When I first read about John Brown I immediately came to the conclusion that he was insane. But I didn’t give it any thought. All of John Brown's decisions had meaning behind them. He understood what he was doing, but since the government and the citizens didn’t, they started to call him out of his name. Before I fully gave thought to Brown’s situation, I thought he was a terrorist. He came to a town and started to destroy it. He killed a lot of people. But what I didn’t think of was the reason he killed those people and destroyed the town. It was for his belief that humans are not property and slavery is wrong. I think this is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. I fully understand his reasons, an if you think about it, would a terrorist while killing a country? No they are destroying it because they want to get rid of the place so they can live the way they choose. John Brown died for his destruction, and that’s what a martyr does. They are willing to die for what they believe in. Go John Brown!

by Khilece

John Brown was a man of violence, and killed of no reason to others. But that reason always made perfect since in his mind. The reason to Kill because he wanted to prove a point. For example when John Brown went into a poor mans house, and shattered his TV. But after all that he’s a martyr to me. I say that because a martyr is some one who dies for something they believe in. Which he did, he was accused, and proven guilty for killing all them innocent folks. You would have thought he’d be scared! But no he embraced it like a mother’s warm hug. He explained how he knew the day would come, and how he was ready for it. So to me in the end he’s a good and bad guy.

by Rachel

John Brown was a very strong abolitionist who fought with violence to end slavery. In our history class we learned who John Brown was, and we watched a movie to understand a little better what actions he used to end slavery. Once the movie was over we had to decide if he was a martyr or terrorist, I believe John Brown was a terrorist. John Brown is a terrosrist in my eyes because he did not have to use violence to get his message across, because he used violence peolpe didn't want to listen to his message they were worried about what his next move would be. Mrs. Trenkle asked us to write an "I Am"poem, through John Browns perspective. Which helped me decided if he was more of a martyr or a terrorist.

My names is Rachel I'm 14, and an 8th grader at Stuart Hobson MS.

by Brikkia

On May 27, 2009 Ms. Trenkle 4th period class learned about a man named John Brown, and what he did for a living. John Brown was an abolitionist who fought for freedom rights. John Brown was a Martyr and some what and terrorist because he would sacrifice his life but he would also kill. Although he wanted what was right he had to kill for what he truly believed in. John Brown was also brave and loyal and he dreamed of the day slaves would be freed. Some people thought what John Brown was crazy and what he was doing was wrong. Because he murdered lots of people some for only little reason but John Brown didn’t let that stop him he fought for what he believed in. That’s what makes him amazing in his own little way.

by Dietra

John Brown was a man of action -- a man who would not be deterred from his mission of abolishing slavery. On October 16, 1859, he led 21 men on a raid of the federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia. John Brown was born into a deeply religious family in Torrington, Connecticut, in 1800. I think he was a martyr because even though he killed people trying to get his way he was fighting for something good. He was a good man even though he killed people and he died for a good cause.

American Art Partnership Reception

On Tuesday, May 26 8th grade students and some 7th grade students from Stuart-Hobson participated in a reception at the Smithsonian American Art Museum as a culmination of their partnership. Selected students read their creative writing about the art. After the presentation, students, parents, staff, and guests went to the atrium for light refreshments and sharing!

Learning about Booker T. Washington

by Dietra

Well, one day a lady named Ms.Deutsch came and taught us more about Booker T. Washington because we already had read about him in literacy the day before. So we learned that Booker T. became very successful and popular. Rosenwald and Booker T. made schools for blacks in Tuskegee, Alabama and all over the south. They made so many schools because they thought it was important for African Americans to be educated. That’s what Ms.Deutsch taught us that day, and we learned a lot more than what we did.

Passport to History Outing: Day 2

by Linstrum

On Saturday, May 23, 2009 my fellow classmates and I set off to do our Passport 2 history project. It was a cool project that I enjoyed. We walked about 8 miles and it was worth it, and when we were done I had the main part of my project completed. We went to 20 sites when we were only to go to 17 that day. When I was done with my project it was great. I thank Ms. Trenkle for taking us on this outstanding trip.

Our Last STAMPS Activity of 2009! :(

by Alexus

On May 21, 2009 several STAMPS members went to Fords to see a play/musical called The Civil War. The play talked about the Civil War and how it affected many people. Overall I would say that this play was very interesting and taught me a lot about the Civil War. After we watched the play we headed on down to Bus Boys and Poets. Most of us enjoyed our lunch. I would like to thank Ms. Trenkle and Ms. Jen for taking us.

by Linstrum

In May of 2009 me and fellow stampers got together one last time to time to say good bye to our wonderful park ranger Ms. Jen. This has been a great a year. We have gone on many trips but the biggest one of them all was the spring break trip. In the year I been in stamps I have learned a lot about Abraham Lincoln. I hate to see an outstanding year come to a close but I will be back. The last trip was great; we watched a great play called the Civil War and then headed to Busboys and Poets to have lunch and our graduation from stamps. It was a great day that was perfect.

by Porschia

The last STAMPS outing to Ford’s Theater and Busboy and Poets was a nice and fun thing to do all together as a group. We all were filled with excitement and a little sad because we had to say goodbye to Ms. Jen. Going to the Ford’s Theater was very fun and exciting. The play was fantastic and very well played. The singing was tremendous. The cast were pretty and handsome. To be honest I would like to go see that same play again about the civil war. From that play I learned quit a lot. Going to Busboys and Poets with the STAMPS group was even more fun. Whoever thought of going out to eat and a group was a great idea cause that gave us more than enough time to say goodbye to Mr. Jen which was hard to do because she did so much for us. I will never forget our times together.

In Freedom's Shadow and a Visit from Ms. Bell

"From Freedom's Shadow" a traveling exhibit about African Americans at the Capitol visited Stuart-Hobson the week of May 18. Students were tasked with viewing the exhibit and writing a letter to Ms. Felicia Bell, curator of the exhbiit, about what they learned. Students had a special treat on Friday, May 22...Ms. Bell came to our class and talked about the exhibit and answering questions.

by Linstrum

A lady named Ms. Bell came to our school to talk about her exhibit. I learned something new; the slaves were not slaves because they were in enslaved and the general word used is "slave." Ms. Bell told us what people went through (mostly the enslaved) to build the nation's capitol. She taught us a lot about those times in general, and I learned a lot and thank her for that understanding.

by Khilece

When Ms. Bell visited us in history class that day I was happy because usually when we have visitors, they come with a interesting story behind them. With Ms. Bell’s visit she talked to us about who helped to build the Capitol. But they did not get their credit, as she did her research on. When Ms. Bell was with us she explained to us not only whites helped to build the capitol but blacks did. Then I was like “HUH!?” , then it hit me “No Duh the slaves!” I learned that many tragedies happened during the building of the capitol. People were hurt, but worst many died on the job. I forgot the name he goes by but a man was outside cutting down trees, and he was squashed and killed by one. Then we sadly found out he had a whole family, and wife and kids. I really did enjoy her visit it would be nice if she came again.

A Pre-Visit to our Ford's Theater Visit

On Wednesday, May 20 Ms. Nicole Murray came to our classroom to teach STAMPS members about the play they would see at Ford's Theater the next day.

Students discussed visual elements they expected to see, shared prior knowledge about the Civil War and thought of songs that they would put in the play if they were directing it.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Social Justice Printmaking about Model UN

by Katie

On Monday, May 18 some of the Model UN participants headed to Falls Church to do printmaking. On the way we sang (mostly me and Franny) quite horrible to random songs n the radio. We mellowed down a bit after reaching Ms. Alex's art studio. Apparently I wasn't mellow enough because in my eagerness to finish carving I slit my finger. I don't think Amber, Franny or Maya are ever going to let that one go! Our prints were pretty awesome and dealt with all the encounters and emotions we experienced at Model UN. Although I was one finger down, my prints ended up looking quite beautiful, if I do say so myself!

by Maya

All I can say is "wow!" It was so fun. We got to make prints about Model UN. Not many people came to do the printmaking. it was only me, Katie, Amber and Francesca. We had a blast though. All our prints were cool. Some were more detailed than others. My design was a hand with the world on it. It was awesome. We got to try new things like Fizzy. It was good. We even got a chance to "dance and shake." Wooohooo!!!