Sunday, October 5, 2008

Columbus Monument

by Nia

The Columbus Statue at Union Station is a statue of Columbus (the man himself). This statue was made in honor of him because he brought new things to mankind.... But I think that Columbus deserves the statue but not the actual holiday. He took land that wasn't his and tried to turn Native Americans into slaves. He also started slavery of African in the Americas. Do you think he deserves this day (Columbus Day)? Before the visit to the statue we learned a lot of interesting facts like where he traveled to, how long it took, when he was born and more. At the visit to the statue, we completed a worksheet and discussed our impression of the statue and the man.

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by Katie

Columbus is and was an influential explorer, who went out of his comfort zone to explore the unknown. We have been studying Columbus and our school is two or three blocks from a memorial for him. Our classes decided to visit his memorial. This memorial portrays Columbus in a very positive light although Columbus did some horrendous things. However, before we visited his memorial, we learned some basic facts about Columbus and prepared to take notes on what the memorial tell us about Columbus' life.

I thought this lesson as rather important to our studies because Columbus is the true father of our country, and an important figure in the age of exploration.

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by Gary

About a week ago the whole 8th grade went up to Union Station to see the Christopher Columbus statue. We've been talking a lot about Christopher Columbus in class. Some of the things we talked about was how he was so called the founder of what would become the United States and he does really deserve his own holiday. We had to write a one paragraph summary of why he does or does not deserve a holiday. I said he doesn't deserve a holiday because he didn't really discover America, he was just the only one to adventure out into the open because many people feared that the Earth was flat. I thought this lesson was a good experience and hope to do it again.

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By Niiya

While you were out...
We learned about Christopher Colombus. The reason being is because Colombus Day is coming up and we were having a debate about if he deserves a day all to himself. I don't think he does because he's not a real hero. I loved the lesson because I learned something new. I'm also glad Ms. Trenkle read those chapters about Christopher Colombus because I don't know the real stories. I always thought he did something great for this country, but the truth is he really didn't. He used the Native Americans, then enslaved them and African Americans. He also made promises that he did not keep. That day that is dedicated to him should be dedicated to other people that actually did or tried to do something for our nation.

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