Thursday, October 16, 2008

Vote!!! SJP Style

by Tyquia

As a minor, I do not have the privilege of voting along, with inmates. We discussed the meaning of social justice, which is a group of interacting people who fight for fair and equal rights. My classmates and I each chose a social justice topic. My topic was inmate rights. To get our opinion across, we used printmaking.Printmaking is the carving into linoleum or wood, to send a message. It is important for all citizens to have equivalent rights, including inmates. I will continue to send my message to all.

Tyquia is an eighth grade student at Stuart- Hobson M.S. She loves to expand her knowledge. She plans to one day make a mark in history.

by Luke

If you didn't already know anything about social justice, it is communities coming together to achieve equal rights. We did this project to learn more about social justice, printmaking, and it's just that time because of the presidential election. Printmaking is carving into linoleum. This is important because kids need to learn this to teach us how to vote. I learned the importance of voting and social justice.

Luke is a student from Stuart Hobson Middle School. He loves to practice hockey, soccer, and to learn German. In his spare time he likes to hang out with his friends.

by Nia

For the social justice printing assignment, I had to complete a worksheet on social justice; I also had to create or get a picture that represent the importance of voting. When we were done with the picture we drew it over on a linoleum and carved it. Then we printed it when you print your drawings, go over it with ink on a paint brush. W e did this project to acknowledge the imporrtance of voting and to actually get the chance to say what we feel and be heard in some kind of way. I learned that if you vote you will be heard but if "if you don't vote then you can't complain."

Nia is 13 yers old. She is isn't old enough to vote but she still wants to be heard.

By Xavier

Social justice is where people try to agree on something which a lot of people agree on. That may seem boring, but add printmaking and it gets interesting. When printmaking you carve out a picture that relates to your idea then pat ink on it and press ink on to something. We carve out pictures related to voting and printed them out.

Xavier liked this project a lot and enjoys basketball. He is an 8th grade student.

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