Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Unit on the Presidents and Presidency

by Chantell

I learned that there are different types of hats, for example, National Leader, Chief Executive, and others. I learned Franklin Delano Roosevelt always hid his illnesses, so he was made a special wheelchair. He was the only president elected four times. He created the United Nations for countries to discuss their problems. I also learned that John Tyler was the vice-president of William Harrison and when he died, Tyler became president.

by Tyquia

I learned that Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president. He was commander-in-chief during the Civil War. During his presidency, many acts were being proposed involving slavery. My president left a legacy, although he was assassinated during his last term, while he was at Ford's Theater. He will always be known for his large top hat.

by Taylour

What I have learned about my president (Thomas Jefferson) is he believe in equal rights. He bough the largest real estate deal at that time, doubling the size of the United States. He sent out famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, to explore the west and kept George Washington's two term tradition going.

by Dyani

Over the last couple of weeks I have learned some things about Zachary Taylor. I learned that he was even a president and that he fouhgt in wars. Before he was assigned to be "my" president, I didn't even know who he was. He died one year into his presidency. He didn't even want to be president, he wanted to fight in wars. He was the 12th president.

by Tatiana

In the presidency, there are many different "hats" of a president. National Leader is a hat that calms our country down when attacked or at risk. Another is Party Leader, in which they stand up for their political party. When in a war, presidents take control of the armies and become Command-in-Chief. Every president, when inaugurated become Ceremonial Leaders. This hat is "worn" at any celebration the president goes to.

by Kelsea

I learned that my president was a great National leader. My president was Ronald Reagan. When air traffic controllers went on strike, he was quick to fire them and replace them. After being shot outside of a hotel, Reagan refused to act weak and afraid. He joked around with the hospital staff. Also, when the "Challenger" exploded, President Reagan comforted the country. However, he also told us to keep moving. This shows that Mr. Ronald Reagan, our 40th president, wore the hat of National leader well. Other facts I learned about Reagan:
1. was an actor
2. was governor of California
3. served 2 presidential terms
4. owned a ranch in California

by Niiya

I learned a lot about the presidents. For exmaple, when George Washington was president, there wasn't a certain number of years where he could be president. He resigned from being president, he gave a speech called the "Farewell Address." In his speech he said that the nation shoudl remain to itself and not make friends with other countries or get involved in other countries' problems. When FDR was president, he served four terms of the presidency until he died in office of polio. After he died, there was a rule that said you can only serve two terms as president. Franklin Pierce didn't take the presidential oath on the Bible for religious reasons.

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