Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Visit to Lincoln's Cottage

On Saturday, February 28, eight STAMPS participants met Ms. Jen, Ms. Bethany and Ms. Trenkle at the Lincoln Cottage for a tour of the recently opened house and the "Debating Emancipation" program. For the "Debating Emancipation" program, students traveled back in time to 1862 and took on the role of Lincoln's Cabinet (aka the Team of Rivals). Students were tasked with advising Lincoln about Emancipation.. Some of the cabinet members portrayed included: Montgomery Blair, Salmon Chase, Edwin Stanton, William Seward, and Edward Bates.

Once the program was over, students explored the museum gallery and then went outside for a group photo in front of the Lincoln statue. The statue of Lincoln is in his likeness--it is exactly the same height as the president himself was, even down to the measurements of his top hat! He is posed with his horse, Old Buck.

This experience was in preparation for our Lincoln spring break trip (leaving three weeks from today!).

Welcome back Francesca! We missed you!

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