Tuesday, February 17, 2009

STAMPS: Volunteering on President's Day!

Congratulations to the eight 8th graders who came out to the White House Visitor Center on Monday, February 16--President's Day...and their day off! These devoted members of STAMPS helped to run "stations" about life in the White House. Some of their activities included making beeswax candles, reinventing the White House china (and learning about dinner parties and etiquette from Dolley Madison herself!), writing questions to Abraham Lincoln, playing a presidential version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?, and giving White House Visitor Center/President's Day tattoos to visitors.

At the end of their three hours, students stood in front of the camera and delivered a famous presidential speech.

They also heard from President Lincoln. James' question was even answered: "What do you value more, your beard or your hat?" Lincoln's answer? He said he supposed he values his hat more because you can give your horse a drink of water from your tall hat and without a watered horse you couldn't get anywhere!

Way to go volunteers!

Sertira, Kelsea and Katie pose with President's Lincoln and Ford.
Did you know that Gerald Ford was a National Park Ranger before he became president?

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