Tuesday, November 4, 2008

C&O Canal Boat Ride with STAMPS

by Alexandria

The C&O canal trip was exciting. We began the trip by taking the subway to Georgetown. It was a long walk but when we arrived at the C&O canal we knew that it had been worth it. We had to wait for a little bit but we spent that time by going into the ranger station which is where we got our stamp. It was my first and many other people's 2nd. The station was filled with little toys from the days before I was born. Surprisingly they were fun to play with. After everyone received their stamp, as if they had been watching us, the lock keepers (people operating the canal) arrived right on time. The boat went very slowly but we still learned a lot of information from the ranger who kept us entertained with jokes and stories. We felt like we were actually from that time period.

We learned about mules. They are hard workers that are the result of a male donkey and a female horse. If it was vice versa a hinny would be a result and they are lazy! We got to pet the mules and found out how smart they are. For example if a mule sees a puddle of water it will walk around it pushing its leader into the wall because it is clueless about how deep it is. Overall the trip was fun.

I was born in Pennsylvania and now live in DC. I love it here just like I love PA, but I will forever be an Eagles fan! I'm their ride or die fan! (I'm in the blue jacket to the right).

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