Thursday, January 15, 2009

In search of Inauguration Tickets

From the Express paper the week of January 7, 2009:

"Inauguration officials say some DC middle and high school students could literally
write their own ticket to prime seating at President-elect Barak Obama's inaugural

"Officials are inviting DC public and private school students to write a 500-word
essay that answers the questions: 'How can I contribute to my neighborhood through
community service?'

"More than 100 students with the best essays will be chosen to sit in the stands in
front of the White House for the Jan. 20 parade. Officials say the essays must be
submitted by a parent or legal guardian who lives in DC. The Presidential Inaugural
Committee will select the winners. Winning students will receive three tickets for
seating next to a viewing stand reserved for Obama and other

"Essays should be submitted to by 11:59pm on Jan. 11."

Several SHMS students did write for tickets. Johvonna shared hers below and said it could be
posted to our blog.

Our fingers are crossed for all participants! Great job writing!

by Johvonna

I, Johvonna, can give back to my neighborhood through
community service by getting kids to be preoccupied during their
free time. A problem around my neighborhood is that some kids
drive stolen cars, speeding around and crashing into the
neighbor's cars. This has happened to my step father several
times, and I can help by reporting suspicious cars to the police.
Another problem around my neighborhood is that kids throw rocks
at peoples windows. New condos and houses are being built in ward
seven, around my neighborhood, and people who just moved in to
the community does not want to move to move into a place where
kids are being badly behaved. They do not want to pay for a new
window when they just bought a house.

What I am planning to do is to give back to my community by
going to my recreation center introducing new games, and having a
room where I can sit down, and talk to the kids. My recreation
is called Benning Park Center. A lot of kids go there for
numerous activities like boxing, cheer leading, swimming,
football, and basketball in the summer. However some kids stay
outside being a nascence, just to follow others. I plan to go up
to the recreation center, and start a fun raiser, so the kids can
get a Wii with new games. I can also build a horse shoe game,
where kids can throw a horse shoe instead of rocks.

I think games would impress the kids because they might not have
them at home. If they come into the new Wii room, I would have a
short discussion with them about what to do and what not to do in
our neighborhood. That is how I can give back to my community
through community service.

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