Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's Inauguration!

by Johvonna

I will be sharing my experience at the inaugural parade. A day before the parade I invited some friends over, their names are Jereese and Kashae. We all woke up around 5:30 in the morning to get the perfect seats at the parade. As my stepfather dropped me, my mother, and friends off we were a couple hours from history. Since my mother left her check point papers at home, we had to follow a group of people.

Two hours later we noticed that we were on our way to the National Mall, and that's not where we wanted to go. So we walked a couple of blocks and we made it to a check point to enter the parade. I thought it was the parade by the look of how many people there were, but it was another crowd of folks waiting to see our president Barack Obama. As we got closer and closer to enter the parade, my feet began to hurt, and get cold. When we traveled through the metal detectors, we found a place to rest our bags, and blankets. It was 10:30 a.m. around that time, and the parade didn't start until around 2:30.

Our feet began to hurt even more, so we made a huddle on these small steps. I layed on Kashae, and Jereese layed on me. As people walked past they smiled, because they knew the pain were were going through. We were very lucky, and excited to find out there was a coffee shop, where you could warm up and eat. The coffee place was smaller than our classroom but we had to deal with it.

Around 2:30 we still had to wait for Barack because Senator Kennedy had a seizure during the luncheon. So in the next hour everyone was extremely cold, but more people seemed to show up. As the parade began, we finally saw Barack Obama, he got out of his car and began to walk with his wife Michelle Obama. Everyone was very excited to see him walk, but they just knew someone like him would do that anyway. I was very cold, but it was worth it. I will have this experience to tell my nephews and nieces when I grow up.

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