Thursday, April 23, 2009

Historical Fiction Playlists

by Kevin

On the iTunes sheet we were given we had a week do it. I wanted to do it but my group didn't do anything. The first thing we did was answer the questions that were attached. And after we created a music playlist, then we named it and we put a design on our album, and finally created a cover for it. All of our songs had to deal with the book we read first. And we had to turn it in on Tuesday for a grade.

by Kephren

In history class , a week before the iTunes assignment we were
given books to read and the books were all excellent but my
choice was the Slave Dancer. Then a week after we were were
given the iTubes assignment. This was a fun assignment for me
and my group mostly because it involved music and designing
which was my favorite part. The objective was to create a
playlist for the book we read. Our playlist consisted of modern
and old songs. I was in charge of design and assembling the CD
case and it turned out really nice. My opinion of this
assignment is that " it was awesome."

Living Undercover Remix
by Ben, Trevor, Luke and Malik R.
(for Behind Rebel Lines)

1. Pink Panther Theme Song--Henry Mancini
The significance of the Pink Panther Theme Song is that it represents Emma Edmonds being a spy and having to be sneaky.

2. Through the Fire--Larry Greene
The significance of Through the Fire is that it represents all the obstacles Emma Edmonds had to face and overcome.

3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams--Green Day
The significance of Boulevard of Broken Dreams is that it represents how Emma Edmonds doesn't know where this journey is going to take her.

4. When Johnny Comes Marching Home--Patriotic Songs
The significance of When Johnny Comes Marching Home is that it represents the soldiers int eh book and the marching that they did.

5. We Are the Champions--Queen
The significance of We Are the Champions is that it represents how the Union finally beat the Confederates in the War.

6. Aint' No Mountain High Enough--Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
The significance of Ain't No Mountain High Enough is that it represents how nothing was going to stop Emma Edmonds from completing a task or spy mission.

7. Live Your Life--T.I. (feat. Rihanna)
The significance of Live Your Life is that it represents how Emma Edmonds wanted to live her life as a Union soldier even thought she was a woman.

8. Lucky--Britney Spears
The significance of Lucky is that it represents how Emma Edmonds had a couple of close calls where she was shot but was able to survive.

9. The New Girl in Town--Brittany Snow
The significance of The New Girl in Town is that it represents how Emma Edmonds was the new girls on the battlefield even though she was in disguise as a man.

10. Over My Head--The Fray
The significance of Over My Head is that it represents how Emma Edmonds didn't know what she was getting herself into by enrolling in the army as a woman.

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