Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trail of Tears Assignment

by Micheal

My favorite assignment that I learned about this week was the assignment we just completed. We wrote first person narratives as as if were were actually the people on the Trail of Tears. This was something that changed my who perspective of Andrew Jackson from good to terrible because of the things he did to the Native Americans. President Jackson was unfair and forced the Native Americans to move west to Oklahoma, or what was also known as the wasteland to many people. During their journey they suffered many deaths, and harsh conditions, while at the same time losing their dignity. I really enjoyed this classwork because it allowed me to really get a feel for what their life and journey may have been like. This assignment was educational but superbly fun to do at the same time. I really enjoyed it.

by Luke

In class we wrote about the Trail of Tears. It was interesting because it was kind of like we were in the walk. I'm glad that I wasn't but I could feel them. The Trail of Tears is a time in American History when the Americans kicked all the Indians out of their homes and into Indian Territory. They were moved into what is now Oklahoma. I understand what they had to go through after writing this essay. Learning more and more makes me sadder and sadder.

by Travaughn

In our class we learned about the Trail of Tears. The Trail of Tears was a time when a lot of tribes were put out of their homelands. The Trail was a long, harsh journey that many people died on. I also think that President Andrew Jackson was wrong for putting them out of their homes. The Trail of Tears was a great tragedy that Andrew Jackson and the Supreme Court were responsible for. All in all I think that this was the best story we have ever read.

by Cavon

My opinion on the Trail of Tears was that it was very interesting because I learned about how Andrew Jackson really was. I thought that was very wrong because the Indians were on the land first and they were wrongly removed. This was also sad because there was a lot of women and children and Andrew Jackson didn't even consider that. The Trial of Tears was named correctly because there were a lot of tears shed from the Indians. I truly used to think that the Native Americans got too much but now I know they deserve their land and every dime they get.

by Tyrome

While we discussed the Trail of Tears we were given a worksheet. We had two days to finish the worksheet and write about it. We had to write a paragraph.

by Andre

To me the Trail of Tears assignment was okay but I did enjoy doing the worksheet that we did at the end using the words to summerize what we learned. I thought that it was not right for soldiers to take people from their homes with nothing on their back and it was 16,000 them. From this assignment I learned that John Ross' wife (John Ross was the leader of the Cherokees) died but overall one fourth died. What could have made this better is if Georgia and President Jackson would not have ignored the Supreme Court which made John Marshall make his decision.

by Eric

In our class we wrote about the Trail of Tears on a worksheet that Ms. Trenkle had given us. There were eleven questions where we had to list adjectives for different natural senses. At the very end of the paper, we had to write a paragraph about all fo the even adjectives in a "first-person's" view. In our "first-person" paragraph, afterwards we also had to underline all of the adjectives. Some of the categories we wrote about were smell, hear, feel, or even thing for example. The Trail of Tears writing was a very fun assignment.

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