Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Historical Fiction Reading

by Niiya

In history class, Ms. Trenkle gave us a really creative assignment. She let us choose from five historical fiction books. We are to read the books and do a different version of a book report.

After we finish the books, we have to go online to Teacherweb and select the title of our chosen book and answer three response questions.

The book that I chose is written by Scott O'Dell and is titled "Sing Down the Moon." The book is about the Navajos and how they were forced to migrate from their original homeland in Arizona to New Mexico. This book received the Newberry Honor Award and got several good feedbacks from the Booklist, Book World and the Bulletin of the Center for children's Books and has the stamp from the New York Times Outstanding Book of the Year. I am enjoying the book so far and I can't wait to finish.

by Dominick

My book is Addie Across the Prairie. It is a wonderful book. I say that because it is a very good story of a girl named Addie and the Mills family. They started out living in Sabula, Iowa on someone else's farm. The the Mills moved to Dakota on their own farm. Most of the family was upset because they were leaving behind family and friends. I also read that Addie is jealous of her brother George when he gets attention from their father. That is how far I have gotten so far.

This photo is a Ms. Trenkle fave! I came up from our CLS teacher meeting on Thursday a.m. and found Jophnee, Gary and Malik H. camped out in separate nooks in the hallways, reading their historical fiction books. What a great way for a teacher to start her day!

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