Monday, December 22, 2008


by Andre

Our 8th grade feast was so fun, the food was very good and everyone enjoyed themselves. Before we had our feast my teacher Ms. Trenkle said that I was in charge. So as everyone who knows me knows, I was bossing everyone around telling them that every must be perfect. Just kidding. I was very polite and up to my job and everything turned out well. But for a get together it was fun. Everyone stepped up to the plate and it turned out to be good.

by Liz

Our 8th grade feast was wonderful. There was tons of food, and even thought all the 8th graders ate at least two servings, there was food left over! Sadly, the happiness of Christmas was tainted because that was the last day Ally would be living in DC. It was fun though, with everyone taking pictures and eating all the DELICIOUS food! We miss you Ally and you're enjoying Philly!

by Daley

For our 8th grade feast my mom brought a lovely green salad. There was a lot of chicken and tons and tons of desserts. A special treat for me was all the soda because usually my mom doesn't let me drink caffeinated or sugary drinks. I enjoyed having a break on my last day of school before winter break as well. I thought this day couldn't get any better but then my friends sang Happy Birthday to me because my birthday is on Christmas. The food was great and I had a great time!

by DaJuan

On December 19 before the Winter Break, the 8th grade had our Christmas feast. Each advisory signed up for an item that they were going to bring. I brought BBQ chicken...that I made! Our Christmas feast gave us an opportunity to laugh, talk and just be with our friends before the Christmas holiday. Personally, I enjoyed my last Christmas feast at Stuart-Hobson MS being with my friends and teachers.

by Linstrum

The 8th grade feast we had was outstanding. We had a little bit of everything on the table. We had rice, chicken, steak, collard greens, greens, cornbread, mac and cheese and so much more--so much that I can't remember it all! It all was so great that we started to go back for more. But overall, I think that Ms. Trenkle, Ms. Allen, Ms. Jenkins and Mr. Surprenant made this the greatest way to close out 2008.

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