Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Capitol, House Gallery, and Congresswoman Norton

by Ben

On Friday, December 12, 2008 about 24 students and Ms. Trenkle took a trip to the Capitol Visitor Center. The visitor center is very new and we got a special tour of it. We first went to see a movie called "Of Many, One." After the movie we started the actual tour of the Capitol and got to use special headsets. Some of the stops on our tour were the Rotunda of the Capitol, Statuary Hall, and the Whisper Chamber. In order to go on this trip we had to write a letter as to why we are a good choice to take on the trip, we had to choose a person from Statuary Hall to research and write a question to Cognresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. The person I chose from Statuary Hall was Nathaniel Greene and I found his statue in the Crypt. We got a chance to sit on the House of Representatives Gallery and ask a Capitol Police Officer anything we wanted to know about the House of Representatives. Our last stop on the trip was to see Eleanor Holmes Norton. Even thought it was very short I still enjoyed seeing her and her office. My favorite part of the tripw as the tour where we got to use the headsets

by Alexus

On December 12, selected students went on a trip to the Capitol. Our trip was very interesting We watched a movie on the Capitol. We also took a tour of the Rotunda and the Crypt. We saw statues including MLK, and Samuel Adams. We met Eleanor Holmes Norton after our tour of the Capitol. It was so exciting once she talked to us. We were allowed to ask her questions and walk through her office. I saw pictures of her with her kids, Shirley Chisholm and Corretta Scott King. After we finished we walked to Union Station and had lunch.

by Tyquia

On December 12 at 8:20 am we departed from Stuart-Hobson Middle School to begin our day. First stop: the wonderful Capitol. We took a tour of the Capitol and the House of Representatives Gallery. We were able to expeirence where the voting takes place. We learned about the over nine million pound dome and Staturary Hall. We explored the House Gallery and then we were out the door! We had an interview ith te fascinating Eleanor Holmes Norton. She was very informative. The Capitol was nice but the meeting was oustanding. It was a true honor to meet with the Congresswoman.
Tyquia is a student who expands her knowledge on every trip because "of my favorite teacher."

by Katie---

At an unsavory hour of morning (8:15!), select 8th graders departed for the Capitol. After a tedious security check and a confiscation of hairspray, we finally entered the NATION'S
CAPITOL! We saw saw the Greek-inspired architecture to the bronze and marble statues in Statuary Hall, before reaching yet ANOTHER security check! By this point we were getting sick of the high security in the Capitol, but our curiosity got the better of us. We walked in, escorted by security guards, to the House of Representatives Gallery. It was amazing--rows and rows of wooden-backed benches, huge paintings, and cloth wallpaper. I know my mouth fell open. I twas beautiful. That was my favorite part of the entire trip.

Afterwards we met Eleanor Holmes Norton and then went to Union Station. However, none of this could downsize my awe and respect for one of the rooms in which our lives were determined. Truly, it was amazing. I would have liked to have visited the Senate Gallery, to complete the experience, but this was otherwise pretty perfect.

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by Linstrum

The trip was perfect. I would love to go again. The best part was when me Eleanor Holmes Norton. When I saw her it was great! She let us come in to her office and look around. When I was in her office I saw many awards and prizes she has won. One of the objects I saw was the big scissors that she used to cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the Convention Center.

It was terrific to meet someone like Eleanor Holmes Norton!

BY: Kelsea

On Friday, December 12th, 24 Stuart-Hobson 8th graders went on a very nice field trip. We visited the Capitol and the Capitol Visitors' Center. We also went to see Eleanor Homes Norton at her office. The students and Ms. Trenkle were allowed to ask Ms. Norton questions and tour her office. While at the Capitol, we all saw a movie, went in the Senate Vestibule, Rotunda and Statuary Hall. My favorite part of the trip was going to the Capitol.

by Brittany

On December 12, 2008 selected students form Stuart-Hobson Middle School went on a field trip to the Capitol and the Capitol Visitors Center. Once there, we had to go through the dreaded security. After going through security we went to watch a short movie informing us about he Constitution and other things that brought our country together. After the short movie our tour began. We got to see they many different places that in the Capitol such as Statuary Hall and the Rotunda which was right under the dome. This was a fun experience, except for the security and I wish to do it again.

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