Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Visit to Peabody

On December 15 and 17 students from Ms. Trenkle's history class went to Peabody to share their We the People books with a Pre-K and K class. Eighth graders talked with their Peabody friend about rules and how the Constitution is the "rules" for the government. Then, the Peabody friend shared a rule they know and, with the help of the 8th grader, illustrated their rule. Below are some of the observations from 8th graders after our expereince.

by Andre

Our day going over to Peabody sharing our books was fun. The walk was ok the weather was warm and we made it over to Peabody and had to walk up lots of stairs. Once we got in the class room we sat down and talked about what we were going to do. After we did that we had them to make their own books going by rules in their class room. After we did that we showed them our books and they were very excited to see them. So we got up from the table and sat on the floor with our buddies and and let them read their rules. I would love to go again and create more books with the little ones. The best thing that I enjoyed about being with the little ones was teaching them how to spell when they were making their books.

"The kids were so amazing. They know words I thought they didn't know. I didn' tknow they could draw. I thought they could only draw stick people."--Lynnette

"The kids had wors that I would have never believed they knew. They are creative! They also look into the future--she was telling mewhat she wanted to be!"--Jophnee

"My kid, Jason, harldy speaks English! Whenever he saw a picture of a bear, tiger, or dinosaur he would say, 'Rowwr!' He could copy over words perfectly! He wrote down 'We the Pumpkins' with the right color for each letter!"--Liz

Some reactions after our trip to Peabody:

"I had fun with the little ones at Peabody."--Dewight

"The kids knew a lot about how to treat their books well"--Daley

"Isiah was my Peabody kid. It was a good experience. My kids was very cool. He knew how tread really well and he was very smart. His favorite TV show is Transformers. He likes pizza and chicken. I would love to read to him again."--Phillip

One of things noticed: "They have the same rules we have--no hitting or running!"--Jophnee

"Priest told me that he would miss me because I was his friend."--Katie

"Ms. Trenkle dragged me on the trip and it turns out I want to go again."--Taylour

"The students know a lot of rules about what to do in school."--Ben

"The kids like books and drawing. The kids opened up after we finished reading the books."--Tiesha

"The things I liked about the trip were the kids and how well behaved they were and the teacher, she was really fun."--Francesca

"Zurie knows a lot about spiders and she is extremely very funny."--Jamal

"The best three things that happened today were....1) I loved my partner, 2) she knew mostly everything, 3) most of all she was nice and had home training."--Destiny

"They were smart for their age."--Shalynn

"Jadyn could read a little and uses her context clues very well."--DaJuan

"Little kindergartners are getting smarter each year!"--Dominick

"I had fun learning their different rules and I had fun teaching my student what the Constitution meant."--Nia

"My Peabody friend Collin gave me three rules: 1) No kicking kids in school. 2) No tripping kids in school. 3) Always eat your greens before you eat dessert."--Markell

"They looked up to Dominick and me. I never knew how fun it was to work with little children."--Andre

by Teresa Drumgoole

The 8th graders created their own version of, "We the People",
and they presented it at Peabody. Although I wasn't able to go
to Peabody, creating my book was a fun experience. My book was
entitled, "We The Bees". I chose that title because I couldn't
think of anything else. I drew all of my pictures, because I
didn't feel like using the computer. My book came out nicely
without electronics. It was great to see my classmate's

creations. They really did a good job. But the one book that I
really liked was Katie Thomas-C's book entitled, "We the
Alphabets". Her illustrations were really nice. She is really
artistic. Everyone did a good job. As I said before, even
though I could not make it to Peabody to read my book, I bet it
was a fun experience for my friends to show off their
creations. This was a fun assignment!

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