Monday, December 22, 2008

The Bill of Rights in Our News

To better understand the Bill of Rights, students were asked to bring in a newspaper for class. For their assignment, in pairs or trios, students were charged with finding a news article that showed one of the Bill of Rights in action. Students wrote the title of their article, the Amendment number, a summary of the article, and how they knew that the Amendment was in action in that article. Students then presented their articles with the class.

by DaJuan

For homework we were told to bring the news section of a newspaper. The very next day we had to find an article with a partner that was related to one of the Bill of Rights. After searching for an article, Raina and I finally found one. After finding the article, we glued the article down on a separate sheet of colored paper, wrote the title fo the article at the top of the paper, wrote which right the article related to, and summarized the article. I liked this assignment--mainly because it was hands-on.

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