Thursday, November 20, 2008

Geography Awareness Week with National Geographic and the Giant Map!

BY: Liz and Kelsea

Tomorrow is the last day of geography awareness week! To recognize this week of geography, our school did some pretty awesome activities. On Monday, people form National Geographic came to the school. We played games on a giant map of the U.S. (see the photo to the left). On Tuesday or Wednesday (depending on our double block schedule) we took our Geography Bee Test. On Thursday, students and teachers wore jerseys and shirts from or representing another country. There were shirts from Argentina, London, Canada, Mexico, Poland, New Zealand, Jamaica, France, China, and Australia. So, before this week is over you should make an effort to learn about another country or culture!

P.S. Some students watched "Where is Matt" video...check it out to see it for yourself!

Kelsea and Liz are two fabulous 8th grade girls here at SHMS. They are really good friends and both work on the blog team.

by Gary

What I really enjoyed was the Geography Awareness week with the giant map. I thought that the geography awareness week wasn’t gong to be very fun but when I heard I didn’t have to go to class I was happy. On top of that, all we had to do was play games based on geography. I really enjoyed answering the questions and playing the game and actually learned something from this. I hope the next geography week will be as fun as this one.

by Shalynn

I think that the Geography Awareness week was fun and educational at the same time. I think that it was fun because we played games that I would never have thought to play. We had to write a country on a sticky note, stick on the person that was next to you so that they can’t see it and they would ask questions to try and figure it out. I think that it was educational because we learned about different countries.

by Carlye

In Geography Awareness Week we did two major events. On Monday, we had a giant map. On the giant map, we played a game where you would figure out hwere the food you got, is grown or manufactured. We also played a game where you would have to guess what state or country is on your forehead.

On Thursday, it was “Wear-a-shirt-from-another-country-day.” Some people decided to wear stuff from places like Canada, Australia, Ireland and many more. I wore a shirt from Poland. One thing that I wish we did was have International Food Tasting Day (yummm!).

by Paris

What I like about the Geography Awareness Week was fun. We got a chance to wear shirts and jerseys from different countries. At the end we got to find out where certain foods were located in the countries. It was funny and I got to learn new things from the Geography Awareness Week. I just wish it could have gone a lot longer.

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