Tuesday, November 18, 2008

History Club's Visit to the National Portrait Gallery, Visit 1

by Madison

I liked the History Club trip to the National Portrait Gallery. We learned a lot about the different portraits and the people in them. We learned about John Brown, Sojourner Truth, and the portrait of George Washington. We also saw the museum of American Art. I enjoyed seeing this figure of Rosa Parks there and trying to understand what it meant.

by Maya

Have you ever been to the National Portrait Gallery? If not, you should stop reading this right now and go immediately there. It was a blast. Our instructor was Ms. Geri. She was just a cool as Mrs. Trenkle. It was educational yet, fun at the same time. I saw the room where Lincoln had his inaugural ball. That was interesting, because the tile on the floor was unique. Unlike tiles today, the color on the tile went all the way through. There was a sculpture of Rosa Parks getting arrested. It made me think a lot. What I didn’t understand was what the sculpture of the manly woman was for. Ms. Trenkle knew about some paintings but Ms. Geri knew more. When we went in Ms. Geri’s office it was unique, funky and cool.

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