Thursday, November 13, 2008

Honoring Our Veterans

by Brittany

For our veteran's assignment Ms. Trenkle gave us a sheet of paper with questions about a veteran memorial of our choice. There were many memorials we could choose from but I chose the African American Civil War Memorial. I got there and saw many things that I had never seen before. I also saw many uniforms and other accessories of soldiers. When we were in class we got to talk about the memorial of our choice and why we liked it. I liked the memorial I chose becuase it told about the hsitory of African-Americans and how they were a big part of our history and how they still are. If I had to do this assignment again I would.

by Tatiana

I went to the World War II Memorial for my Veteran's assignment. It was raining a little which made the meorial glisten. I liked this assignment because it was fun to learn about the veterans. There were real veterans there and quotes were engraved everywhere. There was a lot of heart in this assignment which is why I enjoyed it so much.

by Francesca

I am writing about the Veteran's Day assignment. I liked it. It was fun to look at the site. Iususally just look at it an feel no emotions. Now, since I had this assignment I felt emotions. I fell sad for the veterans and the people who died. And now I learned about two things: the veterans and the war they fought it and how to show emotions.

by Mya

When I went to the World War II Memorial I looked around and saw all these new things, and I wrote about them on my paper. I liked it becuase it was new and I also liked the waterfalls. I took pictures but it was at night because of the time change,but I had a flash. I saw the state names on the walls and pictures carved in front, and a picture of a horse. I top of the state pillars were wreaths. I was sad because that is a lot of names of people on the wall that died in one war. That was sad to me. But it was nice to see how people brought flowers and flags to worship them. They really care.

by Daley

The World War II Memorial was beautifully breath-taking yet sad. The thing that stuck with me the most was the gold stars. Each stat was the equivalent of 100 Americans who died. There were 4, 048 stars. There was also a veteran at the memorial and he had some very cool projects.

by Niiya

Overall there are a ton of veterans memorials. Personally, I enjoyed the experience of the African-American Memorial observing all 209, 145 names of those who gave their livesfor freedom. It was very touching. I fell this idea of having an interesting assignment such as that was a good experience. Hopefully Ms. Trenkle will give us outdoor assignments when the weather isn't under 40 degrees.

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