Tuesday, November 4, 2008

White House Tour with STAMPS

by Linstrum

The White House was great. When we walked in….I can’t even explain it, it was so great. In the White House the best thing that I liked was the glass wear they used in state dinners. The best picture I saw was a copy of the famous George Washington picture. The original is in the National Portrait Gallery.

When we were done we walked through Lafayette Park (a.k.a. President’s Park) and went on another tour. I won a gold medal with the Air Force on it. We took a group picture and then walked to the White House Visitor Center. We watched a movie and played games about the presidents. After our parents came and got us.

by Tyquia

On November 1, 2008 STAMPS took a wonderful and memorable trip to the White House. Did you know the White House is considered a National Park? After checking in and going through the metal detectors we were on our way. We visited the Red Room, Green Room, Blue Room, State Dining Room, and a few others. It was one to remember. I believe every American family should definitely visit the White House including the White House Visitor Center.

by Kelsea

On a chilly Saturday morning Ms. Trenkle and members of STAMPS met Ms. Jen, Park Ranger, at the White House Visitor Center. We were going on a tour of the White House! On the tour we saw the "colored" rooms (blue, green, red, etc.), the dining hall, and other little nooks and crannies. When the tour was over, we headed to Lafayette Park where we learned about Lincoln's assasination. While we didn't see any secret passageways or the Oval Office, the White House tour was still very fun! I can't wait for Ms. Trenkle's next activity!

by Dyani

My experience at the White House was good. We got to see the Blue Room, Yellow Room, and the Green Room. I mean, for being called the White House there are a lot of colors inside! I wish that we could see the place where the president and his/her family lives and plays but we couldn't. I can understand. I mean, would you want some strangers in your room everyday? I don't think so.

by Amber

One thing that I liked about the White House is that it has many different rooms to it. When you enter the White House you see a garden and it has lemon tree, and if you look down you see lemons on the ground. There are also many different types of roses. If you go further you see different types of paintings everywhere. Then there is a library, and if you go upstairs you see a Red Room, Blue Room, Green Room and white room. Overall, it was fun. I would love to go again.

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