Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Thoughts About the Blog

by Johvonna

I love the idea of writing for the blog our history teacher made. I love it because parents and teachers can see what we do our field trips and in our assignments at school. I know I don't like to tell my parents what we did in school, so to direct my parents to the blog website, and show them what we have done, is an awesome idea. We also get to share with our school communities stories that we liked about our assignments or field trips. It also explains our next adventures.

by Tiesha

It think a blog is a good idea because it can bring good opportunities to us and our school. It lets students be proud of their work. Parents can visit the site to see what a good job their kids do and other kids too. It also allows us to share our ideas and opinions.

by Diamond

I think that a blog is a good thing to have because it shows the teacher what we learned, and what we like. I also think that it shows how much of a good school we have and that we can learn and have fun at the same time.

by Chantell

I think the blog is a good idea because it tells parents what we do during school times. It lets the parents know that we visit places that are educational and what everyone learned, and how they thought the trip was. The blog shows our daily activity in history.

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