Sunday, November 23, 2008

Geography Bee--Round 1

by Capria

During Geography week we took a test. The test asked us multiple questions about geography: countries, states, cities and more. The test was a bit challenging and I was only three points away from making it to the Geography Bee. The Geography Bee is like a spelling bee only asking geography questions. Everyone took the first round of the Geography Bee. I can't wait to see the actual bee!

by Jovan

The Geography Bee is a competition about geography. The competitors are the students. The Geography Bee is a chance for students to show their knowledge. I didn't enjoy doing the Geography Bee but I know someone else might think it is fun. The Geography Bee could be more fun if it were more physically academic.

by Ms. Trenkle

Congratulations to our Geography Bee winners for Round One. Students took their Geography Bee qualifying round test on Tuesday/Wednesday during double block. There were 41 possible points.

These top 25 students will participate in the second round of Geography Bee before winter break. Aaron received the highest score of 31/41.

Congratulations to all students for your hard work (and earned extra credit). The following
students will advance to round two:

Aaron, Katie, Madison, Tatiana, James, Trevor, Daley, Ben, Teresa, Emonie, Christopher, Kevon, Jophnee, Dyani, Luke, Sertira, Alexus, Kelsea, Janay, Devin, Linstrum, Brittany, William, Max, Jeffrey.

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kelsea said...

YEAH! Good job and good luck to everybody that advanced to the next round. :)