Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Model UN at the State Department

by Maya

I felt like a business woman that day. We were all dressed nicely and prepared to defend our country. My country was the Russian Federation. My topic was indigenous women and children. I got to sit at the table because my country was important to this topic. We also heard from Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State. She spoke to us and we were in the first two rows!

by Liz

We met at Stuart before school started to prepare for the Model UN. There was last minute directions, paper-finding, and "ooh you look so cute!"'s. We were all dressed up, and we DID look so cute, if I do say so myself. :) We got on the provided transportation (a cheese bus). Then the sixth graders came out. There were about 20 of them and only like six of us. But you know what they say: quality over quantity. When we got there, we went through extensive security processes and signed in. We had an long introduction to how great the Model UN was, and heard Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!! :) When we got to the room where we would be debating Child Soldiers, and it turned out Japan had only one chair. Katie and I had to share it... so one of us had to stand or sit on the floor and every 15 minutes or so we would switch. It was very fun to debate, but no one really said how they thought their country would feel. Countries in Africa would say that they were strongly anti-child soldiers, when we knew that that was untrue. Lunch was delicious: Subway! We went back to debate for a while longer, until we reached a consensus that using child soldiers was wrong and that there should be child safe zones built around war heavy zones. We met these kids from Ghana who were really nice and smart! (And cute... hehehe). This was so fun! I would definitly do it again. 
This was written by Liz, who has a Canadian twin! :)

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