Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Freedom's Shadow and a Visit from Ms. Bell

"From Freedom's Shadow" a traveling exhibit about African Americans at the Capitol visited Stuart-Hobson the week of May 18. Students were tasked with viewing the exhibit and writing a letter to Ms. Felicia Bell, curator of the exhbiit, about what they learned. Students had a special treat on Friday, May 22...Ms. Bell came to our class and talked about the exhibit and answering questions.

by Linstrum

A lady named Ms. Bell came to our school to talk about her exhibit. I learned something new; the slaves were not slaves because they were in enslaved and the general word used is "slave." Ms. Bell told us what people went through (mostly the enslaved) to build the nation's capitol. She taught us a lot about those times in general, and I learned a lot and thank her for that understanding.

by Khilece

When Ms. Bell visited us in history class that day I was happy because usually when we have visitors, they come with a interesting story behind them. With Ms. Bell’s visit she talked to us about who helped to build the Capitol. But they did not get their credit, as she did her research on. When Ms. Bell was with us she explained to us not only whites helped to build the capitol but blacks did. Then I was like “HUH!?” , then it hit me “No Duh the slaves!” I learned that many tragedies happened during the building of the capitol. People were hurt, but worst many died on the job. I forgot the name he goes by but a man was outside cutting down trees, and he was squashed and killed by one. Then we sadly found out he had a whole family, and wife and kids. I really did enjoy her visit it would be nice if she came again.

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