Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Immigration and Citizenship

by Dyani

In history class we learned about how and why people immigrate to the US. We talked and compared immigration in the 1800s to present day. We learned where the people were coming from and compared where they came from to today. Did you know that in order to become a citizen of the US, you have to either have to have been born in the US or get a green card. In order to get your permanent citizenship you have to take a test about US History, in order to make sure you know about the United States. The test we took was 30 questions long.

by DaJuan

One day last week Ms. Trenkle gave us 100 questions to answer. The whole class thought it was a test. Although we knew mostly all the answers on the test, she just wanted to know what we knew. So, we answered the questions based off of what we knew. We waited until everyone had been given enough time to answer and then we went over the questions. Ms. Trenkle gave us the answers to the question and then told us that he was going to quiz us on them. Thankfully, she said she was only going to quiz us on 30 of the questions [thank God!]. So, we took the quiz.

by Terrisha

In class Monday we learned about immigrants in the mid 1800s and why they emigrated to the US. Many reasons were called push-pull factors, such as over population would kick them out of their own country. Or they would want religious freedom. We also learned that you need to take a test to become an official US citizen. Ms. Trenkle gave us the test consisting of 100 questions about US government and history just to see how much we know about our country. It was interesting to see how much and how little we knew about some things, but overall we knew a lot because we covered most of it in history class.

by Xavier

It was actually pretty fun learning about immigrants and citizens. We read in the book, made charts, and took tests on it. Although that doesn't sound fun it actually was. We read the book to get information on immigration in the 100s, then compared immigrants then to immigrants now. We learned that there are many different reasons people come and go to and from the United States. Then to get a feel of what it is like being an immigrant, becoming a citizen, we took a test that allows people from other countries, to become citizens. I know I failed that test but that only makes me want to learn more about our country so I can become a true American citizens (even though I already am by birth).

by Devin

Learning about those two things are wonderful. I say tat because immigration and citizenship is still something that is going on today in the world. I really like the citizenship test we took because it lets us know if we will be considered a citizen. Immigration and citizenship is a big topic and important also. I would like to thank Ms. Trenkle for spending time teaching us this important topic.

by Kevon

For the past week my class has been learning about immigrants in the mid 1800s. We've learned the reasons why they immigrated and their effects on the United States. Many immigrated to the US because of land, famine, and war. However, the over flowing of clotures still exists today in the United States. We also took a citizen/immigration test, which was a test to see if we really deserve to be citizens. Some questions were simple, however others were challenging and made us realize how important it is to know our US History. This was definitely an educational experience for all of us

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