Monday, May 18, 2009

Passport to History Outing: Day 1

by Paris

Passport to History on May 9 was great. Not only did we do 17 sites we had enough time to do all 20 sites. My favorite site that we visited was the Old Stone House because I found out that I was 6 feet tall. My experience with Passport to History was tough. Especially when I had to keep up with Ms. Trenkle while we were walking. One of my other favorite sties was when we were in Georgetown and I got to see a lock system for when people wanted to travel. With Passport to History I will have a great grade in history.

by Michael

The morning on my way to the Passport to History trip I was in an extreme rush because I knew we were going to embark on a long, but interesting adventure, and who would want to miss that? The trip was long but full of new things to learn. One of the coolest things to me was seeing the C&O Canal and Learning how it worked. I liked seeing it because ti gives you a realistic picture instead of just reading. We also did many other things like feed the mules, and visit memorials. All in all, when the trip was over I was tired but I made it all the way, and was extremely glad that I didn't miss such a wonderful trip. I learned a lot and had fun but my thoughts, and thanks go to Ms. Trenkle for making it possible.

by Jamal

On May 9 a group of students were escorted through DC to 20 sites. Overall the day was great. We were told that we would be hitting 17 sites but got to 20. People were lagging behind but that didn't matter because we finished the project. Although I had stomach issues I still pulled it together for the end of the trip.

My favorite site was Georgetown:
1) It's a cool place to shop,
2) I like the design of the buildings,
3) I like the C&O Canal lock system,
4) I like the path we took under the bridges (tow path),
5) I like feeding the mules (even though Rodney was shaken by them).

It was a pretty awesome day to learn and have fun at the same time.

by Rodney

On Saturday, May 9 Ms. Trenkle and 20 8th graders went around DC visiting historical sites and learning the history about them. It was a good experience for me because I got to visit some sites that I have never though about going to. My favorite was the Old Stone House and the C&O Canal because in the Old Stone House I learned that George Washington our first president never lived there. At the C&O Canal I learned that the used mules to drag the boat up the canal after they got out of the lock system. We did a great job on Saturday because we got all 20 of our sites done.

by Niiya

Early Saturday morning Ms. Trenkle counted the students and we were on our way to complete the longest task. We started walking to 17 locations to help us with our Passport to History project, which counts as our final exam. passport to History is when you go to 20 different historical sites located in DC. our first stop was the Sewall Belmont House. At each site we took a group picture, individual pictures and Ms. Trenkle gave us the history to the sites. y favorite site was the C&O Canal. I love playing with the mules. Their noses are so soft. I also enjoyed lunch at Lafayette park because I got to feed the squirrels. Having all or most of my friends along was a bonus. Instead of visiting the 17 sites on the list, we went to all of them plus more. I really enjoyed the day out. Maybe I will go on May 23, too?

by Khilece

When we did passport to history with Ms. Trenkle on the day of May 9, the first place we visited was Sewall Belmont House. It was so weird. When I was walking home I walked down that way plenty of times, but still never seemed to notice that there. It was extremely odd. It was a brown, red brick building with lots of shade so of course that’s one of my favorite. Although that one was shady I also enjoyed the C&O canal. While I was there I had the great opportunity to pet, and feed a live mule. Then on top of all that take a picture with it, but everyone knew I was the star of the photo! Of course there were many other places we visited, but I just wanted to give you a small preview of what happened.

by Cavon

I went on the Saturday trip with Ms. Trenkle. We had a lot of fun and we took a lot of pictures in front of many statues. Whenever we got to a statue we would listen to Ms. Trenkle talk and tell us about them and then we would take our pictures. The trip was long and there was a lot of walking but I stuck it out. It was a lot of fun and I'm happy to finish my projects.

by Dietra

Well, I woke up at 8:00 Saturday morning and my friend Brionne called and asked if my dad could drop her off at the school with me, my dad said yeah and we made it to the school at 9:00. At 9:05 we left the school and we headed to our destinations, here are few, which were the White House, Amber, Francesca, Khilece, Brionne, and myself claimed that we saw Sasha and Malia but we did for sure see Joe Biden. The next stop we went to was The Library of Congress, my teacher Ms.Trenkle said that you could find any and every kind of book in there but we didn’t get to go inside. Next we went to the Capitol and since the Capitol Visitor Center is done we were able to go on the steps and take pictures and stuff, we learned a lot about these places. We went to the Francis Scott Key Memorial, he is the person that made and came up with the Star-Spangled Banner, and he wrote the lyrics. From what he saw at the crack of dawn is how he made the song.

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