Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making our STAMPS iMovie

by Daley

Making the movie was a TON of fun!!! Everyone signed up for a small part and then we put it all together. We picked a few pictures, a background song, and a script to record. When we did the voice recordings there were a lot of retakes. Whether there was an unwanted background sound or someone stumbling over a words, we had retake after retake. It got a little stressful at the end when we were trying to bring everything together and to add the final few things. We even came in on Saturdays and stayed late after school. We also got to skip history class sometimes to work on our script. YAHOO! I mean what a bummer. But the end product turned out pretty good. We are super excited and also really nervous about "opening night", but we've worked really hard, and the hard part is over. A few people are saying some opening and closing words about our travels and the work we've done, but that's the final obstacle, if can even be considered that!! Everyone has worked hard and that hard work is about to pay off.

by Alexus

This activity was very fun. We got to write our won script, own voice overs, and pick out our own music. This process was very hard but fun. We made the movie to share with others and let them know how fun STAMPS is!

by Francesca

Making the movie for STAMPS was hard, fun, and rewarding. Spending so much time with my classmates has never been better. Now I have a movie and a book to remember all my experiences. and since I joined STAMPS it is like a second family. I love STAMPS and everybody in it.

by James

During the first week of May STAMPS started to put the year two movie together. I had the introduction of the movie and my song was "Eye of the Tiger." My favorite part of making the movie was that we got to do it by ourselves, like pictures, music, etc. This year's movie is 37 minutes long. The movie is so great I have to say.

by Porschia

Doing a movie for STAMPS was fun and will be never forgotten. As I was picking my song I had a very clear picture of how my part of the movie was going to be. Doing the movie makes me think of how much fun we had an dhow much we've learned. We went to a variety of memorials such as the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and many more that were very interesting. We went to the memorials so we can learn a lot about history and to just have a great time learning, which we did. Last, but not least, the STAMPS group even traveled to different sites which I thought was amazing and very exciting to do even though I didn't attend the go-away trips.

by Maya

Making a movie with STAMPS was so fun. I personally thought mine was one of the best. It took a while but that was okay because in the end all of ours were great. Especially with our voices in it. My movie segment was on what we love about STAMPS. It was so hard because we love everything about STAMPS. I also love putting pictures in there that make people regret taking them. Making that STAMPS movie was an experience I will never forget.

by Devin J.

The STAMPS movie is so cool. This movie has many memories of good times. The trips we went on are all in the movie. I will always remember STAMPS and how it taught me so much about history. Making the STAMPS movie wasn't very difficult. All we had to do was write our script, pick a song, and pictures for our part. Special thanks to Ms. Jen, Ms. Bethany and MS. TRENKLE!

by Christopher

Making the STAMPS movie was so fun! We had the opportunity to write our own scripts, choose our own songs, and then choose our own pictures. We did it to present at the Apple Store and to members of the NPS. Also, for our enjoyment too. I think this whole opportunity was great and it made me feel so proud that I participated in a wonderful, terrific and extraordinary group like STAMPS.

by Christian

Making the movie was fun, hard and stressful. It was fun because you go to choose what went on your part. It was hard because you wanted to make everything perfect. And it was stressful because we had a deadline and some people probably wold not be able to make it. But the movie turned out perfect.

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