Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Giant Reformer Noggins

by Lawrence

We worked on historical heads as a way to notice people who were involved in social justice. The reason why we did it is so we could recognize those people who helped make America a better place. They did those things, not for themselves but everyone else. They were being prepared for everyone and not for themselves and for people like them. They gave us a chance to see what we could do as an American. They were just trying to make America a better place for you and me.

by Cavon

We did an assignment in class with this thing called reform which means to make society better. We read these papers on famous people who helped reform our society to make it better for us. We talked about people like Sojourner Truth and Charles Sumner and these are important people. Then we did a historical head about each person and read it o tour classmates. My opinion of this activity was that it was very educational and I liked it a lot.

by Eric

I think that this assignment was very fun because I love to learn about leaders who changed the world. This was great because we learned about all of these different people and how they changed the world by preaching for rights and inventing schools for deaf and blink children. I think that this was a very educational activity and I would recommend it to any future 8th grader. I learned a lot about how I have comprehended this information. I am able to tell it to all of my friends and family now.
by Johvonna

Well, in the week of May 4-8 Ms. Trenkle taught us about reforming laws and how it is related to social justice. She passed out eight biographies about several important people before the Civil War. We read about our main person and drew inside a "big head." This let Ms. Trenkle know that we really did understand our person. I really liked this activity because I got to bond with my classmates and on top of that I learned something new about eight activists.

by Taylour

On May 6, 2009 we spent an hour and a half learning about some of the reformers in America. We got to get a large head and put five symbols and five words to describe the person Ms. Trenkle chose for us. I worked in a group with Francesca and Daley and we did Prudence Crandall, a woman who opened a school for African American girls. But she was sent to jail because it was illegal by the Black Laws. Each group had to stand in front of the class and explain the words and symbols used to describe the person. I like Prudence Crandall and am glad we got to learn about her.

by Diamond

In Ms. Trenkle's class each group had to read a biography about eight important people that made a huge change today. We did this activity so that we could know about what we have today and the privileges we have because of them. I thought that this activity was a great experience. i say this because I learned a lot about these people for example, I didn't know how Gallaudet University got its name to be honest. I thought they just came up with the name not that it was named after Thomas Gallaudet. My favorite person is Elizabeth Cady Stanton because if it wasn't for her the men would treat us anyway they want.

by Amber

On may 6th Ms. Trenkle's 8th grade class read about one important person that helped benefit us for where we are today. I think we did this because this information that I think we just need to know. For instance, we learned whose idea it was for public school (which was Horace Mann--see, I did learn something!). I think this activity was informative which means I had fun and I learned at the same time!

by Niiya

In history class this week we learned about reformers. Or assignment was to create giant noggins of the reformers we were assigned. We had to create five symbols representing our person, as well as five unique words. My person was Sojourner Truth. She gave speeches about women's rights and abolition. She was often thought to be a male by her audience because of her six foot tall frame. But she would prove them wrong by flashing them. I really enjoyed this assignment.

by Jophnee

It was totally nice working with my two close friends Tati and Amber on the noggins. We all contributed to the noggin. Thomas Gallaudet was our person and he helped the deaf and mute people who didn't know their place in the country. But Thomas Gallaudet helped to find it form them.

by Dominick

The reformers of the world. Well, to me it seems that way. All of the people here seem to try to help every other citizen that was not white. I guess they knew how we felt. I guess Sojourner Truth didn't leave her troops behind. All of these people here on these noggins should never be forgotten.

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