Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Scavenger Hunt at the National Museum of Natural History

by Jamal

On May 1st the 8th grade class of Stuart-Hobson Middle School went to the National History Museum. W went to unwind from the test taking for two weeks of the DC-CAS test. The teachers thought we needed a break and I believe I'm not the only on who wanted this. We had a scavenger hunt in the whole museum to see if we could find the artifacts. The prize would be $20 which I think was a little low to my standards. My four man team and I searched for the hardest thing to find. Hissing cockroaches. The reason why they were so hard to find? They weren't on display. I loved this activity because I found that there is an actual butterfly that sucks blood from dead cows.

by Chantell

On Friday, April 30, the 8th grade students went to the National Museum of Natural History for a scavenger hunt. The reason for the scavenger hunt was to celebrate the end of the DC-CAS. I think the scavenger hunt was okay. The museum was hectic and chaotic due to visitors of Washington, DC. The scavenger hunt was based on questions about the objects in the museum. Overall, I think the trip was fun and it gave us a break.

by Maddie

Last Friday, my 8th grade class went on a field trip to the Natural History Museum. We worked in groups and went on a scavenger hunt. On the hunt, we were asked to find various animals and objects from different places. it was fun and my group also had time to see some of our favorite exhibits. I was glad that I went; I had so much fun and it was great to spend time at one of my favorite museums.

by Luke

Our 8th grade team went on a scavenger hunt last week to relieve all the work from testing. The scavenger hunt was in a museum of the Smithsonian. I enjoyed it, but it was sooooo crowded and made things less fun. I also thought the worksheet could have been easier since we were supposed to be having fun. The most interesting thing in the museum was the Hope Diamond because of its history and exciting curse. The curse said the diamond brings bad luck even death. Overall, I give this trip a 7 out of 10.

by Rachel

After a long two weeks of DC CAS testing, the 8th grade team had a surprise. They took us to the National Museum of Natural History for a scavenger hunt. Once we got to the museum everyone split into their groups and started the hunt. Everywhere I turned I saw groups from my school running around trying to find the places listed on the paper. It was really funny watching the different teams yell at each other as they tried to finish the hunt. I did enjoy the trip and am glad they decided to take us there.

by Jay

The scavenger hunt was a fun assignment. our teachers allowed us to have a scavenger hunt because of our hard work for the class. The scavenger hunt was a time for student to relax and have fun. During the scavenger hunt we saw many impressive things. I think the scavenger hunt was fun and a great assignment.

by Tyrome

Last Friday, May 1, our class took a trip to the National History Museum, to do a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was for a group of 3-4 people. We did this because we did a good job from the long and hard test we took the weeks before. the goal was to find certain files or documents on animals and take pictures with you group. The reward was the teachers would buy the winners lunch. It was fun and we had a good time. Then we ate lunch.

by Malik H.

My 8th grade class went on a scavenger hunt to the National Museum of Natural History. We went because we tested all week and the teachers thought it was fair to take us out of the building. When we got to the museum we were given a piece of paper, and on it the piece of paper we ere given things to find. My group had a rough start but we shaped up towards the end. The trip was a good experience and a fun break, so THANK YOU!!!! 8th grade team.

by Rodney

We went to the National Museum of Natural History to do a scavenger hunt around the museum. We did it so we could learn the history of the world that we live in. I think that the scavenger hunt was fun because we got to learn about different animals that live on the seven continents.

by Christian

The scavenger hunt for the 8th graders at the National Museum of History was the best. All the 8th graders got to go out after all of the stress we had from testing. Everyone picked their own group and set off for the museum. When we got there everyone rescued their papers for the hunt. Everyone dared off trying to fill in the whole sheet. Everyone was thinking about winning the money for the prize. There were ten questions. Some involved interactive things and some involved looking for things. But in the end everyone enjoyed it. It was our stress free day. And for lunch we went to Union Station.

PS Three groups won and mine was one of them--yeah!
by Eugene

Last Friday, on May 1, the 8th grade went on a scavenger hunt at the National Museum of Natural History. the purpose of this trip was to give students a chance to unwind after a long two weeks of standardized testing. Upon arriving at the museum we the students received scavenger sheets and broke up into our groups of 3-4 students. We not only were competing for the $20 cash prize, but to also prove who was the most observant. Myself and Antoin failed at this hunt and barely passed #12. After 20 minutes of fruitless hunting we fond out that the hissing cockroach was not on display. Overall, the trip was fun and a well needed break.

by William

Our scavenger hunt trip was given to us for great behavior through the DC-CAS. On this trip we had to search for certain artifacts and items. One item was a hissing cockroach which could not be found. I think this trip was very educational and fun even though the museum was packed.

by Capria

On May 1 the 8th graders at Stuart-Hobson were rewarded for dong so well on the DC-CAS testing. We traveled to the National Museum of Natural History and were given a scavenger hunt paper. We looked throughout the entire museum searching for things and taking lots of pictures. After the museum, we traveled to Union Station for lunch then returned to school for one last class. This was a very fun but exhausting experience to learn our history in an exciting way!

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