Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Last STAMPS Activity of 2009! :(

by Alexus

On May 21, 2009 several STAMPS members went to Fords to see a play/musical called The Civil War. The play talked about the Civil War and how it affected many people. Overall I would say that this play was very interesting and taught me a lot about the Civil War. After we watched the play we headed on down to Bus Boys and Poets. Most of us enjoyed our lunch. I would like to thank Ms. Trenkle and Ms. Jen for taking us.

by Linstrum

In May of 2009 me and fellow stampers got together one last time to time to say good bye to our wonderful park ranger Ms. Jen. This has been a great a year. We have gone on many trips but the biggest one of them all was the spring break trip. In the year I been in stamps I have learned a lot about Abraham Lincoln. I hate to see an outstanding year come to a close but I will be back. The last trip was great; we watched a great play called the Civil War and then headed to Busboys and Poets to have lunch and our graduation from stamps. It was a great day that was perfect.

by Porschia

The last STAMPS outing to Ford’s Theater and Busboy and Poets was a nice and fun thing to do all together as a group. We all were filled with excitement and a little sad because we had to say goodbye to Ms. Jen. Going to the Ford’s Theater was very fun and exciting. The play was fantastic and very well played. The singing was tremendous. The cast were pretty and handsome. To be honest I would like to go see that same play again about the civil war. From that play I learned quit a lot. Going to Busboys and Poets with the STAMPS group was even more fun. Whoever thought of going out to eat and a group was a great idea cause that gave us more than enough time to say goodbye to Mr. Jen which was hard to do because she did so much for us. I will never forget our times together.

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